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Shadow Work

by Kim Logan

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HITCH YOUR WAGON you better hitch your wagon to something you ain’t got not engine steam you better hitch your wagon to something and it ain’t me, but boy you’re looking like you better hitch your wagon to something your motor running now is history you better hitch your wagon to something but it ain’t me I could help you roll down the open road i could rock you, baby to sleep i could help you know where the lust could go but that’s a secret i can’t keep and for all your thinking babe and all my drinking babe we still gotta ignore this mystery you’re a poison bite of an apple ripe in the first fine days of fall i’m a roustabout and the mouth of the south the one bitch gonna rule em all and for all our dancing around where to fall when the sun goes down i need a drink of water that’s a little something more than tall “you don’t hear ‘no’ enough, my love, do you?”
DIRTY BUSINESS he came down from the farm up yonder way got outta there just in time you see, heaven it gets heavy when it’s been sitting on the wrong kind of minds had to love him long on the telephone til the message came through one day he’d been hanging on to something dead and gone he said baby, let’s get away it was the right time for the sunshine got to get away from the dirty business it feels like water in my lungs got to get away from the dirty business can’t walk, we gotta run help me get away from the dirty business now i’ll tell you what time to get away from the dirty business baby now our time has come gangster on my shoulder i sent a postcard from the edge my best friend said she’d break his legs if i brought him back again well sister, i’m so sorry i know you know you’re right but i’ve got a taste for that style and grace and honey i’m gonna take a bite it was the right time for a long drive well these times have been delicious yeah i’ve had some real nice things but now we’re out here in the canyon and the light comes down in rings you know a change of scene is gonna do us good and if you came out you would see that far away from the dirty business is the only place to be it was the right time to change my mind
Ghost 04:13
GHOST it was a handshake, it was a business break we called it like it was should have been quick and clean, i was a bad machine and i didn’t mean to fall in love it started simple, you came around i was looking for trouble when my old man was out of town couldn’t put down the bottle, couldn’t put down the pen writing lines together in that old leather book again but i know something you don’t anymore yeah i know something you don’t anymore lightly baby, idly plagues you my ghost flying lazy past you baby my ghost i took their magick and then i took their bands couldn’t get ahead kept trying to turn into a man but then i turned all the living rooms to floating golden white saloons rolled it up, and sold it back to them now i grow breaking up fast through your floor my vines grow everywhere you don’t go
Better Way 04:55
BETTER WAY Lily and i, when we go out tonight give us your pain that you’re leaving behind New York weed, amphetamines we got all that you need time is on our side, oil in the lamp i’m dizzy i could be just your type, but man i’m busy in the sapphire blue light violets and violence, the difference is slight if you catch my new vibe i’ll make you in my image and i’ll save you tonight with my better way got to find a better way melting in line with the men in my mind moving the food chain with my mojo hand we will align, glitter, Saturn, and wine the people and i, water and land time is on our side, fluid and electric glowing i could make up your mind, what i know is worth showing
Ladyboy 03:30
LADYBOY smokin’ blunts and codeine liquorice and honey blushing when you call me just a-shakin’ when you come my way leggy baby wonder gender-fuckin’ stunner lush and lovin’ sour got the power just to make you stay the ladyboys, knockin’ at your front door the ladyboys, saying come out and play the ladyboys, we’re here we’re queer we want more! wild no matter what you say Tommy’s got a girlfriend baby mama on the west end but he’s sitting looking better in my leather and my Gucci jeans he says sugar getcha dressed up bring me cigarettes and 7-Up we can get together, hot weather in the party scene the ladyboys, knockin’ at your front door the ladyboys, saying come out and play the ladyboys, we’re here we’re queer we want more! wild no matter what you say
OEDIPUS WRECKS on the night we met, the ink sank in, we bled then you held me to the bed and told me your name i said look right at me, tell me the truth, are you just eighteen? you said “baby do you want me to be?” and i said okay, okay you said “i’m a child of jesus and i won’t change and i know just how to please you now baby, yeah” in your holy face, i found my own patented escape then you saved me from the place where i went to pray but now your edifice turns to gray, you fall like Icarus toward the grave you crack your teeth, they rot away, and i’m here unscathed and i’m your mother again, what a waste but there’s no other way i could play you’re a landmine laying on a loaded base i had this bright idea that the only little thing i fear was you leaving here giving me nothing that i could take but i’m alive again since the devil he got back in now i’m swimming in what i win and just what i’ve made but i’m your sister again, what a shame i’m rapping your knuckles, i’m cracking your hands til they break, and you stay afraid
WESTERN MEDICATION i never settled, so i never lost just held my worry beads, worrying about the cost i never moved my velvet arms til in the prison of our common ground, he bought the farm and now i’m free what would you say to me if i introduced us? what would you say to me, would we tear it up? what would you say to me off the record? and would you love me if i was the ocean and i brought it all together? cause now i’m free smoke and light, western medication visions and dreams, nothing but my education gold and pearls, our mirrored minds and what would you say to me if i asked you to be mine? cause now i’m free
Death Dream 05:03
DEATH DREAM you wouldn’t leave my mind i used to be so sad about it sucking my blood dry now baby i’m just mad about it tried to read your lines thought i could see it in your palm and know it wasting my own time you had a funny way to love and show it and i was wrong, i was wrong down in my low rich world that i was singing to from heavy curtains the problems in my curls you had to chase em down and know for certain said “it’s a bitch now, girl you gotta watch me take and learn to work it it ain’t no lucky pink pearl you gotta hustle, make it all look perfect” well go on, baby go on, i’m listening go on high on a mountain in my mind i would turn my head and i would find you screaming into the wind trying to tell me again, “just go i’m not what you want in a man, no no” you tried to hold my heels but you said freedom, and i held you to it then we made a deal that i would sell my soul and put you through it now i know how it feels to dream i shot you dead and no one knew it burning all my wheels far enough away to really do it and now i’m gone, long gone high on a mountain in my mind i would turn my head and i would find you screaming into the wind trying to tell me again, “just go i’m not what you want in a man, no no”


All songs written by Kim Logan. All songs arranged by Kim Logan + The Silhouettes, except “Hitch Your Wagon” and “Ladyboy,” arranged by Kim Logan + The Silhouettes and Gyasi Heus. All songs recorded by Duncan McLaren at Cherry Tone Studios in Folkestone, England and Solas Sound in Glasgow, Scotland.* All songs mixed by Mike Fahey at Sputnik Sound in Nashville, TN. All songs mastered by Dan Bacigalupi at Infrasonic Sound in Nashville, TN. *(Except “Bad Balances” interlude; iPhone memo, Vancouver WA, 2014.)


released February 24, 2020

Kim Logan: vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion

The Silhouettes are:
Martin Zissel: electric, acoustic, and steel guitars, percussion
Jules Darmon: drums, percussion
Myriam Stamoulis: electric bass, vocals, percussion
Alexys Collard: electric bass, vocals, percussion
Victor Méchanick: keys
Tom Liam Bourcier: keys
Duncan McLaren: gong, percussion

This album, and the last two years of our touring and recording lives, would not have been at all possible without the love and support of the people of Folkestone and Deal. Andrew McGuinness and Jiella Esmat, our gurus and patron saints. James Cliff, our host and confidante.... it all kinda came together in your living room. Andy Thomas and Cherry Tone Studios, Ringo and Riz Woolgar, Andi and Cath Elliot, James Hatton and the people of the Lighthouse, and everyone else who got our Kentish journey started and saw us through to the completion of the circle. Our London family… Sonia and Rodrigo, Estefania and Ollie, Ronan Eldar, Aidan O’Connell... you are always shelter in the rain and sublime inspiration. Oriane LaRoche, Paul Cramet, and Margot Cotten for helping birth this band. Gus for letting us use your beautiful Scottish sanctuary of sound. SESAC, Sentric Music, Ditto Music, and everyone with a corporate platform who has actually protected and fought for us as independent artists… your work and encouragement are priceless.

Kim Logan would like to thank:
Duncan McLaren, Scott and Lis Begin, Marie et Patrice et la famille Guyot, Paris for lighting my fire brighter, Glasgow for being my refuge, and my incredible cosmic Silhouettes for taking this ride with me... I LOVE YOU!


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Kim Logan Paris, France

Kim Logan + the Silhouettes are a French/American rock + roll band. They are concocting their second album together, Kim's third LP, road-testing the songs by touring the UK and France to close 2022. With a new fusion of organic, colossal rock + roll together with the stranger sounds found in the alchemy of modern music production, the Silhouettes create their universe in studio and on the stage. ... more

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